Friday, 30 December 2011


On the 31st of December, before 12 AM, go into a room by yourself, after 12AM, run out of the room and yell to your family, " Oh My God, I haven't seen you guys since LAST YEAR!! "

Ohh well.. 2011 is almost end and 2012 is almost start! Time flies like firework and I'm was thinking what else I haven't done yet in 2011 ? Ermmmm.. I always singing competition and study hard for my SPM.. Actually I think 2011 is better than 2010.. #Trueeee.. 2011 there's a guy who come and save me up from a big deep hle and luckily he's my bf now :) I should thanks to him that he teach me alots of the concept of life (though, he's bigger than me about 2 years old) and I'm his First Gf.. Awwww ♥  (I will appreciate and treasure him well and good good good!!)

Uhmmm... What's your BEST WISHES ?! 
The first thing I wisshhh... is hope my family happy everyday and have a healthy life!! I'm sorry that I was so naughty before and smthimes didn't listen to you all but I very clear am I wrong or correct! Hope you guys can understand me :) Love ya all #familythebest

Second thing I wisshhh... is hope my hubby can quickly solve his problem and hope him can faster change his wearing style!! (haha.. be his wear stylist :pp) I'm glad that I met you at Rave Party and we bcum friends.. In the middle moment, we get used to quarrel and smtimes didn't find you, we are friends, though.. But in the end I just realize I have been loved you and I can see that you're sincerely.. So i make a decision and I choose to be with you! My hubby always sayanggg me like a baby he do loves me!!  Je t'aime - means I love you in french language!! 

Third thing I wisshhh.. 
is hope my friends always be my lovely friends.. Smtimes we seldom contact or anyways we can come out gathering like we get used to it last time!! I miss all our memories and we having fun and enjoy!! Ohh yeah.. I hope those single friends also can have their gf ASAP!!! haha :pp.. Also wanna thanks them who cheer me when I was down, wake me up when I was been fool and lots.. Really appreciate you all!! Once again, Thanks friendss!!! 

The end that I wish is there is no the end of 2012!! You must continue our life until 2013,2014,2015..... and so-on and never end!!

Peace always
Gonna say goodbye to 2011 soon, I'm so excited and I can't wait 2012 too >< 

Bye 2011, welcome 2012!!♥ 

Bye dark blonde hair.. Hello blonde hair ♥

Today gonna dye my hair.. but what hair I should dye ? I'm confused and keep find example on magezine.. >< #Grrrr
Wake up at noon and waiting my hubby pick me to eat and make things.. We went to @玉壶轩, 3rd mile there having lunch!! 

apple tea ^^

After that, I go @cabello hair saloon, dye my hair.. I keep find color which suit my skin and finally !! haha >< #Excited

Yeahhh (Y)

My hair stylist :)

mix the clours..
Watching vivi magazine 

Start dye my hairrrr!!

Wait the colours out..

Play cooking game -.- I'm boring haha

Do 2nd time again~

Wash off the colours.. 

Do treatment!! rm30 only :D

Finally done!! hehe.. now waiting she to help me dry my hair and I can't wait to see my hair color :DDD
After done, I've paid rm150 only!! rm 120 for dye hair, rm 30 - treatment.. (so cheap and they server good ^^) We went to @pinoy, padungan there have our dinner..


My hair 



Pelim 菜

Porkies :D

Hubby buy some cookies eat xD
We eat very full and we go home!! Finally I miss my bed so muchhhh :) ♥♥I miss my hubby so muchhhh and I need his bear hug :'( But anyways he's acc me out and we have a nice day pah-tok :pp Awww.. Love you hubby ♥♥♥♥♥I'm so so so sooooo satisfied my hair color!! hehe.. Say goodbye to my dark brown hair and say hello to my #blonde hair !! 

Wonderful Prom 2011

Wow.. Last night have a GREAT great Joint-Prom Night..  :) #wonderful
10.00++ went to @pasar there hairwash.. the price is getting expensive but worth la.. xD
2.00++ smthings go @crown square there having a rehearsal.. Me and my guitarist (Bernie) are waiting our turns to rehearsal and sound check!!

Joint-Prom Night 2011 :)

15 years old girl with her cousin.. 

My guitarist - Bernie :D

Dance group (>< i forget thier name, sorry D;)

After rehearsal, I quickly rush to @kenyalang shopping centre, see whether can buy any dress to wear for tonight and there's no dress is suit me.. #
fattie girl  -.-
I went @cabelo hair salon,petanak there, ask my hair stylist help me to designed my hair.. And you know ? I love the way she designed my hair!! # 

@cabelo hair saloon :)

Before go prom night :D

Almost 6.56++ me and my sis reached @crown square and wait our friends..:) #excited
Here is the pic that I have take with my friends!! Ohh yeah (Y)


maybeline and me :D

alison and me~

pretty girl and me (actually I forget her name, sorry :(.. )

4 pretty girls ***

miguel and me.. wow~

Sweet couple and bulb -.-

Leow kwan and me!!

krysicca and me ^^

flora and me :)

gerald and me #handsome

It's almost start ><

Finally start the prom night :D

Actually I don't know where I sit and I waiting my friend ><.. Me and Bernie was nervous when the show is start.. We keep memories lyrics and guitar chords >< I was sing - someone like you by Adele (my idol) & a thousand years by Christina Perri.. They are #pro singer

Dancing by Kido and his friends!! Perfect ^^

Famous lantin dance!! from my school - SMK Kuching High.. #Bravo ( I have been long time didn't dance this dy.. D;)

In the middle, they choose 5 couple in finalist and choose whose will be the Prom King and Prom Queen
Bernie is going to run and the boys is get ready to catch him and grab white balloon skin ><

Finally, they choose 3 group of couple and it's turn girls to raped their boys with Tissue paper.. xD

Our prom king and prom queen :) hia hia hia !!

Get prices 

Take picca ♥    

Xiao jieee and me 
My school friendsssss


Marian and me  ♥   

Bie bie hua and me :D

Prom King and Queen~  

 After give all the prices to prom king and queen, It's PARTY TIME!!!! Woootsss.. Everyone is enjoying the music which spining by DJ and very HIGH ^^ 

DJ is spinning table.. YO!!

Kido also dancing.. Great and awesome dance (Y)

Dance like there's no tomorrow**

 #APPRECIATE ALL OF YOU!!! Thanks to my supporter :) Love you all   .
After i leave the prom night, my hubby pick me and we went to @lok lok, ban hock road there have a supper eat (actually I didn't eat at dinner cos I'm busy learn songs and I felt paiseh ><

I lazy wear my high heels and wear my hubby slipper.. >< It's big hahaha 
My hubby and me.. ;DD #Funniest face
After finished supper, we went to @life cafe, titanium lim peh and talk with friends.. Bcos I felt tired so my hubby fetch me home first.. And then, he give me bear bear hug and kiss me.. Awww love ya   x10000 :D 
I miss last night prom night ! We enjoy our dinner and I wanna thanks to them who give me a chance to performance and thanks my guitarist - Bernie who keep come my house practice and we having a great performance on stage!! Thanks you ppl ^^ #Wonderful prom night